Internationale Konferenz: Diversity in Leadership

Speakers und Panelist waren:

  • Ratna Omidvar, President, Maytree Foundation (Toronto, Kanada)
  • Bill McAndrews, Vice President, Communications Strategy, Corporate and Market Communications, BMW Group (München, Deutschland)
  • Matthew Hodes, Director, United Nations Alliance of Civilizations (New York, USA)

sowie Good practice Beispiele:

  • Youth Empowering Parents (Kanada)
  • Irenia (Spanien)
  • OpenTransfer, Stiftung Bürgermut (Deutschland)

Diversity in Leadership, Intercultural Innovations and Replication

While many cities around the globe may struggle with the integration and inclusion of its diverse population, there is no need to re-invent the wheel when looking for solutions.
There are many local good ideas from around the globe, innovative and often experimental, that can teach other cities how to create the right environment for integration and inclusion. One such example is the Maytree Foundation’s DiverseCity onBoard programme. In Toronto, the Foundation has connected governance boards of public and voluntary institutions to qualified individuals from visible minority and underrepresented communities so that the leadership of these institutions better reflects the cultural diversity of Toronto’s population. The program is an important way to utilize the vast pool of new perspectives, experiences, and knowledge to promote diversity as a driving force for prosperity, innovation and sustainable impact.
Acknowledging the importance and impact of the programme, BMW Group and United Nations Alliance of Civilization recognized Maytree with the 2nd prize of the Intercultural Innovation Award 2012. The programme’s ideas and lessons are now travelling around the globe, with a particular focus on Europe.
It’s important to learn from such ideas. And while today’s technology and communication tools seemingly make it easy for all of us to be informed and learn from such projects, it remains a tremendous challenge to apply the knowledge, good practices and strategies to our own communities. Too often we continue to address existing challenges by reinventing the wheel.

Link zu den Fotos. Ratna Omidvar’s Keynote auf Video: Part 1 und Part 2